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Department of Venous Therapies

Department of Venous Therapies

Foam Sclerotherapy


Whether it's unsightly little veins in blue and red shades, whether itchy and swollen, the overwhelming majority of women but, and many men suffer from spider veins. That is, a problem of venous insufficiency of lesser or greater degree.

This is not only aesthetic but, above all, a medical issue that has hitherto found a solution with treatments such as diathermy, laser, heat stroke and sclerotherapy. All functional and efficient, but most of the time require repetitive sessions and there are recurrences.

Athens Beverly Hills Clinic brings to Greece a revolutionary treatment, which is applied by specialized medical personnel and gives you a definitive, painless and quick solution to the legs and leg pain.


What is Foam Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy is the quickest, painless and bloodless method of treating varicose veins and scarring and is the progression of simple sclerotherapy. It is a personalized treatment based on the patient's anatomy and venous system.

How is it applied?
The drug is injected into fine needle foam, painlessly, not only in the superficial spider veins but also in the larger diameter meshed veins, which are under the skin, with no narcosis and multiple incisions.

Where does it apply?
In puberty of the lower limbs, but also of the hands, in the female chest (usually after breastfeeding), as well as in the face.

How long does it take;
The duration of treatment is approximately 30 minutes. The patient remains in the clinic for about 20 minutes, and immediately afterwards he can immediately begin his daily activities.
When will I see results?
Improvement is gradual, but offers excellent results. It may take a period of a few months, depending on the extent and severity of the problem, and the patient must have a relationship of trust with his doctor. Something that Athens Beverly Hills Clinic can do with its highly trained staff.

Are there complications?
Small bruises or local irritations may occur, but they occur within a few days. It is possible to use graded compression socks for 5 to 10 days, as the case may be. It is recommended to avoid intense physical exercise as well as air travel for a week.

NOTE: The final cost of each treatment or intervention is determined at the medical visit to the ABH Medical Group, covering all costs (laboratory tests, physician fees, surgical costs, hospitalization costs, materials costs, post-operative care).