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Magellan Lift

Magellan Lift is one of the finest and most sophisticated therapies that creates total face rejuvenation and gives an impressive and youthful look.


This is a facial rejuvenation treatment in which blood-derived growth factors, in particular platelet-rich plasma (PRP), are used in a specific way. The infusion of these growth factors in the face by specialized medical staff leads to the activation of pluripotent stem cells to create new tissues including collagen, fatty tissue (for gloss) and new blood vessels (for luster and youthful appearance).



Magellan Lift and the revolutionary Magellan machine with which the pioneering method is applied are in Greece at the Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group. Accredited physicians at the Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group team apply the Magellan Lift techniques and achieve unique aesthetic results.


3 Signs of aging that need immediate treatment with Magellan Lift
Blush and dull skin color due to reduced blood circulation. The lively and fresh
a pink hue of the epidermis has been lost.
Relaxed facial contour with drop due to decreased collagen and facial muscles.
Rusty texture of the skin. The face seems more tired and aged.

Magellan Lift corrects a wide range of facial problems with impressive results.


It is ideal for:

Acne scars and surgical incisions
Dilator dilution
Blush and dull skin
Skin lesions
Strong wrinkles and fine lines
Dandruff, blobs and spots
Loss of tumor in connective tissue
Fall and relaxation of the face.

Who is recommended by Magellan Lift

This is an innovative treatment that is ideal for those who want:

Extinguishing fine lines
Reduce and relieve intense wrinkles
Improve scars
Total renewal of the face of the face
Adjustment and uniformity of skin tone.
Shiny skin and youthful look.
Improved texture and smoothing of the epidermis
Recovery of youth and freshness that make the person look more relaxed.
Activation and growth of collagen production by the same organism.
Tightening and toning the face.
Enhancement of the tone of the skin. The face acquires a clean, bright and healthy look.

Magellan Lift results give an impressive youthful complexion and are completed 2-3 months after application. They last for at least 1-2 years