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Heterologous Mesotherapy

Heterologous Mesotherapy

The term mesotherapy refers to the induction (infusion) of specific substances into the skin (intracutaneous injection) for the treatment of various skin conditions. Mesotherapy is a good weapon for wrinkle prevention in younger patients and wrinkle smoothing in older patients.


We may choose among the various substances and materials to be injected into the skin, depending on the problem we wish to treat and based on the patient’s personalised treatment needs. Among these substances are: hyaluronic acid, vitamins Α, C, E, retinoic acid, idebenone (one of the most powerful antioxidants), DMAE, amino acids, augmentation agents and many others.

Results: dramatic improvement of the skin’s texture, increased firming, glowing and youthful look. Apart from the face, injections can be applied on the neck, neckline, back of hands, abdomen, thighs for cellulite, in combination with fat-burning agents.