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Laser Alexandrite Arion

Laser Alexandrite Arion

Extreme hair growth or normal hair growth is a problem that both women and men may face. Due to unwanted hair, many women use razors at a very young age and thereafter deal with irritation and almost daily shaving. Apart from annoying, this situation is often quite painful.


With laser technology, however, unwanted hair can disappear quickly and without pain. Laser hair removal is performed for cosmetic reasons. Nevertheless, there are cases (e.g. folliculitis, very common among women, usually affecting the bikini area, and the chin area in men) where laser treatment is the only indicated approach.

In ABH Medical Group we operate state-of-the-art laser equipment for facial and body hair treatment in men and women.

Frequent Questions

The laser beam targets the hair melamine only and thus allows focused and selective destruction of the follicle without affecting the skin or other organs and tissues. If operated correctly, laser treatment is absolutely safe and effective with hair growth.

The treatment affects new hair (anagen phase) and not those already growing (catagen phase) or fully developed (telogen phase). However, it is not possible to determine the growth and, also, hair does not grow at the same time. Therefore, several successive sessions are necessary to target hair at the right growth phase in order to finally reach the desired result.

Hair removal laser can be used regardless of age, gender and targeted body area.

The number of sessions is set depending on skin and hair type as well as the intervening period. As hair weakens the period between sessions increases reaching 2 to 3 months until hair disappears completely.

The laser hair removal process is affected by significant factors such as the colour of hair, the targeted area as well as the patient’s hormonal features. Hair reaction to the treatment is different in facial or armpit hair while the course of treatment and the result varies in patients with hormonal disorders. Also, better results are seen in patients with darker hair.

In any case, at least 6-10 sessions every 30 to 40 days will be required. However, the distance between sessions will increase overtime.

The result is permanent as follicles are completely destroyed.

Most women and men who have been submitted to laser treatment say there was no pain involved. You might feel a slight discomfort, mostly during the first session. Discomfort is even less in treatment performed at Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, as the laser equipment we use for hair removal releases chilled air along with the laser beam for better feeling and painless sessions. The result is so comfortable that the patients has no second thoughts as to whether he/she will repeat the procedure or not.

There are no risks involved in laser applications when performed by specialised personnel under the doctor’s guidance. In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group we examine the area before proceeding with each new application. The only thing the patient must be careful about is when undergoing laser treatment is to avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent irritation.

People who suffer from specific skin conditions or have scars and skin lesions, must first consult their dermatologist at Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group.

The long-term and permanent results of laser hair removal will pay off for the amount of money spent which will be much less than what a person would spent if using other hair removal methods (halawa, waxing, razors).