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Fat dissolving with Cryolipolysis Fusiomed Ice Duo

Fat dissolving with Cryolipolysis Fusiomed Ice Duo

Cryolipolysis with the FusioMed Ice Duo method is the next “weapon” against body fat reduction. It delivers a bloodless and absolutely painless elimination of fat cells from areas with high fat concentration, such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

FusioMed Ice Duo may replace traditional liposuction, through overheating and subsequent freezing of the fat cells leading to permanent elimination.

The method was developed by scientists at BIOTEC ITALIA labs and its effectiveness has been certified in clinical trials carried out in America’s two largest universities: Harvard and Massachusetts.

FusioMed Ice Duo operates two evolved heads that create negative pressure, suctioning the area where stubborn fat gathers. The process continues with intense successive heating (Bipolar Radiofrequency 60οC) and cooling (-10οC to -15οC), only affecting the fat cells on the target area. The patient shall experience an intense cooling and stretching effect which will subside two or three minutes after the procedure is completed. During the cryolipolysis process, fat cells at the target site are frozen and then gradually eliminated and rejected from the body.

The treatment is performed at the premises of ABH Medical Group. Depending on the extent of the problem, 1 to 3 sessions are necessary and the desired result is met three months after the treatment. The result is permanent and no repeat cycle is necessary.

The advantages of FusioMed Ice Duo cryolipolysis are:


  • It is a NON-INVASIVE method
  • Painless treatment – no anaesthesia
  • The patient may resume daily activities as soon as the treatment is over
  • With FusioMed Ice Duo energy penetrates deep into the skin to eliminate fat cells in areas where the problem is more intense. It also delivers truly impressive results for patients with less intense stubborn fat problems who are submitted to a type of natural body sculpturing and firming.
  • Visible and immediate cellulite reduction (all types and grades)
  • Surrounding tissues left unharmed (muscles, nerves and bones)
  • No toxins from fat cells elimination are infused into the body (as is the case in other techniques)
  • Unlike other cryolipolysis systems, FusioMed Ice Duo can treat two areas at a time thus reducing treatment time by half.
  • Treatment takes place in our premises during one session (in severe cases, 3 sessions may be required)
  • Result is permanent and no revision is necessary.
  • Method can be combined without restrictions with physical exercise as well as other treatments selected by the attending physician.

Frequent Questions

The areas where this treatment can be applied are mostly: the abdomen, thighs, butts, knees and hands.

The best candidates for Fusiomed Ice Duo are patients with good overall health with stubborn fat issues.

The result is permanent and no repeat treatment is necessary on the targeted are

The cost of Cryolipolysis treatment with FusioMed Ice Duo shall be based on the extent of the problem and the targeted area. Therefore a clinical examination is necessary before any cost estimations. Indicative cost of basic treatment from 650€.