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wrinkles Expression Βοtοx - Dysport

Dysport (brand name for botulinum toxin) is a widespread injectable treatment that significantly improves wrinkles by acting on the muscles that cause them.

It is used in the same cases, and has exactly the same indications as Botox (also brand name for botulinum toxin). Dysport acts by relaxing certain facial muscles, such as the muscle of the forehead, thereby reducing and softening or eliminating wrinkles.

Frequent Questions

Dysport, like Botox, is made of botulinum toxin and is a drug used for removing spasticity and muscle stiffness.

Both products are approved by FDA and act using the exact same mechanism, by weakening the mimic facial muscles responsible for the initial formation of wrinkles.

It is often observed that Dysport lasts a little longer, and is often chosen by the specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon to treat hyperhidrosis.

However, the final aesthetic result depends much more on the technique of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, as well as on the exact calculation of drug units required, rather than on the choice of the type of drug (Botox or Dysport).

Dysport is a good alternative for persons who have become resistant to Botox after multiple applications