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Autologous Mesotherapy

Autologous Mesotherapy

The term mesotherapy refers to the induction (infusion) of specific substances into the skin (intracutaneous injection) for the treatment of various skin conditions. Mesotherapy is a good weapon for wrinkle prevention in younger patients and wrinkle smoothing in older patients.

Autologous mesotherapy uses the patient’s own plasma – including platelets and white blood cells – to release augmentation agents. The procedure starts with the use of local anaesthetic cream (emla). The doctor proceeds with blood sampling and places the syringe with the blood in the centrifugal device for plasma separation. He then enhances the plasma with specially processed nucleotides. The resulting mixture is infused in the targeted area with a thin needle. The procedure is painless and leaves no scars. For best results, it is recommended that you follow a 2-4 sessions treatment plan every year.

Results: dramatic improvement of the skin’s texture, wrinkle soothing, as the skin itself launches the healing treatment. Skin firmness as well as endogenous skin hydration increases, adding glow and youthfulness, as this particular procedure activates cell rejuvenation and fibroblast multiplication and therefore collagen production.